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Why invest in Brisbane?

Prepared for Wholistic Property Investing Pty Ltd by Ryder Property Research
The Brisbane Market Is Poised To Become A National Leader On Residential Real Estate Growth.

Brisbane’s economy and property market has lagged behind Sydney and Melbourne in recent years, but its fortunes are changing dramatically – and growing numbers of credible forecasters are tipping Brisbane as a national growth leader. The 2032 Olympics announcement provides additional momentum to the city’s rising prospects.

Brisbane’s contribution to the Queensland’s economy is estimated at $171 billion, almost equal to that of the rest of the state.

Improvements in Brisbane’s economy were noted by analysts CommSec in mid- 2019. These have since been boosted by the commencement of $10 billion worth of infrastructure projects in the city. Another $27 billion is marked for road and transport upgrades. Queensland now ranks in first position on housing finance, according the State of the States report published in January 2021.

Vacancy rates across Greater Brisbane have been trending downwards since December 2017, while rents for both houses and apartments have been rising consistently for three years.

– SQM Research, March2021

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