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Why not own property through a SMSF?

Many people feeling depressed and out of control due to the recent turmoil in global financial markets are looking for different ways to invest their superannuation.

How does a SMSF work?

It works very much the same as a other superannuation funds. It accepts contributions from members, and invests and manages those contributions and subsequent earnings.

You become the trustee of the SMSF and are involved in all the decision made by the fund. This means you are responsible for tasks such as administration and accounting, managing tax implications and ensuring an investment strategy is in place. However, SMSF professionals at WFS Canberra are able to complete all of the administrative tasks for you and assist you in every aspect of running your fund.

What are the benefits of a SMSF?

– You have control over how and where and when your money is invested.
– There can be fee savings if you use the services of WFS Canberra.
– The potential to use tax savings strategies not possible in other types of funds.
– Purchase your business’ real property.

– Puchase residential investment property

Amendments to the Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act 1993 (“SIS Act”), effective from 24 September 2007, allows superannuation funds to borrow money to acquire any asset which a SMSF is permitted by law to acquire directly, which includes Property

Case Study: Borrowing to Purchase Residential Investment Property


Josh is 48 years old.
Josh is looking to purchase an investment property for 400,000 (net 5% yield).
Josh wants to fund the investment property through an quity line of credit against his principal residence.
Josh has accumulated $200,000 in superannuation and has a SMSF.
Josh could fund the investment property purchase though his SMSF with himself as the lender to his SMSF.


The benefits of Josh owning the investment property in his SMSF are substantial:

                                                        Individual                                SMSF

Rental Income (30yrs)                           $878,054                                $878,054
Interest Expense (30yrs)                      ($780,000)                              ($585,000)
Rental Tax Liability/Benefit (30yrs)       ($40,692)                                ($9,921)
Capital Gain on Property                      $418,563                                 $418,563
CGT Payable                                       ($86,852)                                 $0  

Total Return                                         $389,073                                $701,696

Structure Benefit                                                                               $312,623

* Key Assumptions:
5% rental yield
2.5%pa rental growth
5%pa capital growth

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