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I am very happy with the team at WFS, right from the start, Catherine, Jessica and Hoa couldn't do enough to help me, despite a tough market, they were able to find me a great investment property in a short time frame and manage the whole process including loan application. Being able to deal directly with people F2F made me feel very comfortable with buying a new property.

Leigh H, ACT

5 Stars Service
Highly skilled team who give advice on a range of mortgage, tax and investment queries. Very efficient team, would highly recommend if you are looking for mortgage, investment and tax advice.

Melanie W, ACT

5 Stars Service
Thank you, Wholistic Financial Solutions for providing prompt, efficient service and assisting us to find a home loan solution with an ethical provider that fits our needs. I would recommend Wholistic Financial Solutions to anyone!

Angela, ACT

Working with Catherine and her colleagues to achieve outcomes couldn't have been easier. I unreservedly give WFS a huge rap and wish I had known about them 20 years ago. Strongly recommend WFS to anyone interested in in investing in property.

Ralph, ACT

Been dealing with WFS for a few years now and I must say their display of professionalism and customer service is top notch. They're always quick to respond and deliver an excellent service all round, from Accounting, Financial planning, management of your SMSF, Property Management and Estate Planning. Highly recommend their service to anyone who is in the market for any of the above. Catherine and her experienced team are the reason as to why I opted to transition over to WFS.

Green Sharkey, ACT

Catherine and her team are fantastic! They provide responsive, informative and dedicated customer service that makes an arduous journey a lot more humanising and understandable. Catherine herself is property whizz yet entirely approachable and the whole team are a lovely bunch. Shoutout to Tanya in particular for her outstanding efforts in resolving a last minute complication! I would highly recommend WFS to anyone, both those new and experienced to property!

Nhan, ACT

Thanks for sharing this information with us- it is most helpful. Some good progress and again thank you for the advice- you guys have made the process very easy for us.

Andrew and Carolyn, ACT

I purchased a property through Wholistic Financial Solutions in October 2019. Since then it has gone up in value by $115,000, or 22% in 18 months. It has been a great investment for me. Also, Catherine and her team handled every part of the process – from selecting the property, arranging the mortgage, arranging settlement through to arranging the tenant and managing the property ever since. I would highly recommend their services.

Harley, ACT

I started my property investing journey several years ago.  I thought I knew what I was doing and that I could do it all own my own.  Since then I have made some very large mistakes and lost a lot of money on a bad investment.  Since then, Catherine and her team have helped me get back on my feet, sort out the mess I made and given me some great recommendations that will hopefully make up for the losses I made myself.  I will never take financial steps on my own again.  I will always run every idea past WFS.  I love the way that they can give tax, property and mortgage advice all under one roof.

Peter B, Kaleen, ACT

I have been a client of WFS for over 8 years.  I enjoy the family, friendly, yet professional atmosphere of the office and the team.  I find their fees realistic, not too cheap, yet far less than the larger Accounting firms.  I very much appreciate the 'wholistic' nature of the advice.  The fact I can see the team about my personal tax, my property needs, my finance needs and my SMSF.  It makes it so much easier just to have one firm to deal with.

Geoff S, Melba, ACT

I had heard a lot about SMSF and Property but was finding it all very confusing.  I saw a few other Financial Advisors and Accountants who confused me even more so I didn't bother doing anything.  Then I attended a seminar held by WFS and they made it all sound so simple and achievable so I jumped on board and haven't looked back.  Within 3 months the team had set me up an SMSF, rolled over all other funds, obtained me a SMSF property loan and found and settled a property purchase for me.  It was all so simple with them assisting with the whole process.

Bruce C, Yass, NSW

I took Catherine's recommendations to buy in Point Cook, Vic in 2007.  At first I was disappointed as it was a house and land package and it took forever to build.  But Catherine kept telling me to hang in there and I was very pleasantly surprised to find that the property had gone up in value by $50,000 by the time construction was completed.  I was ready for my next purchase so saw Catherine again in 2009 and was surprised to find she had correctly picked the upcoming downturn in the Melbourne market and had switched her recommendation to Gladstone, QLD.  I purchased another off the plan property and it has almost doubled in value since.

Patricia B, Yarralumla, ACT

Hi Lara and Catherine, The hamper is just gorgeous! Thank you so much – we feel very spoilt!! We are definitely big fans of WFS, so thank you again for all your great support. We will definitely be referring you on for your great support.

Zoe & Chris

I had always wanted to get into property investing but just didn’t know how. The team at Wholistic Property Solutions conducted a free Property Portfolio Plan which made it so clear and easy to understand. Now I am well on my way to my second property.

Michelle S

My wife and I run a small retail business and our tax returns don’t show much income. We have been passionate about property for years and already own four investment properties which are now cash flow positive. We wanted to buy more but the banks said ‘No’. We saw Catherine at Wholistic Financial Solutions and she was able to show us how to unlock our equity and use this to ‘cash flow fund’ another two investment properties. And we are able to do this now, rather than waiting until we miss the impending boom. Thanks Catherine. (Amaroo, ACT)

Jason P

I was keen to enter the property market but as a first time investor, I just had no idea where to start. The team at Wholistic Financial Solutions and Wholistic property Solutions showed me how ‘property investing’ really worked and helped me find the best loan for my circumstances and even helped co-ordinate all the confusing issues like deposits, solicitors, stamp duty grants, etc. They basically helped co-ordinate the whole buying process and all free of charge. Thanks WFS Canberra, I will be back when I am ready for my next property. (O'Connor, ACT. First Home Buy)

Therese K

I had heard that it was possible to buy property in Super but everything I read and everyone I spoke to made it all sound way too complicated. Catherine and her team which includes Super specialists, Tax specialist and Mortgage Brokers, made it all very simple. In fact, they simply did it all for me and now I own my first property in my super fund and will look to buy more as soon as I can. (Mawson, ACT)

Liliana P

I have been very frustrated at the performance of my superannuation fund. It seemed that the more I put in the more fees I paid and the fund balance just kept going backwards. Catherine at Wholistic Financial Solutions was able to show me how to consolidate all my super into a SMSF and use this to buy property. I now have a $450,000 property in my super that is growing for me really well and better still, it is cash flow positive so it costs me nothing’. (Dickson, ACT)

Trever T

Thank you for your efforts during this whole process. We started on this journey 16 months ago with Wholistic and it is fantastic to have reached this point. We now have the two properties and we are keen to duplicate our portfolio. (Palmerston, ACT)

Lawrence G

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