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This article describes the seventh strategy of nine property investment strategies.

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Strategy 7 – Refresh your portfolio

Sometimes it is necessary to ‘go back to the drawing board’. You may have a portfolio that is not quite right. You may have had good intentions, theories, dreams or hunches when you bought particular properties but looking back you realize you made a mistake. But that’s OK. As they say, “There is no such thing as failure unless you fail to get back up again.” The successful man is one who fails four times but gets back up five times.

There are times when the best thing to do is sell – count your losses and move on.

Other times you may need to sell because you did not seek the right advice in the first place and you have the wrong loan in place or have bought in the wrong name.

 “A common example we see regularly is the client who has bought a home and done ‘what their parents always told them’ and focused on paying down the mortgage. Now they want to upgrade and rent this property out. Bad news- the reduced loan amount means the property is positive geared and they will be taxed on the excess of rent over interest.  Worse still, they will have to take out a large loan to buy their ‘home’ and this will be a non-tax deductible debt.

Another common example is the couple who has brought an investment property in joint names. A few years later the wife leaves work to raise a family and half of the negative gearing benefit is lost.”

 There are some very innovative strategies that can assist in these situations but sssssh…! These are a secret only to be shared amongst the elite investors (or clients of

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