Self Managed Super Funds – Oct – 2017

FREE SEMINAR: Self Managed Super Funds

Discover the simple truth about self managed super funds

  • Is a SMSF right for you and your circumstances?
  • What is an SMSF?
  • Why you should consider an SMSF?
  • How does it work?
  • How and why buy property in an SMSF?

Self Managed Superannuation Funds are the fastest growing segment of the superannuation industry and offer numerous benefits.

What will you learn?

  • What are the advantages
  • What are the disadvantages
  • What is all the Hype about? What are the benefits?
  • SMSF as a tax haven
  • How to buy property in an SMSF

SMSFs are simple, easy, flexible and affordable to set up. Let Catherine Smith show you how an ‘SMSF’ may be cheaper to run that your existing retail or industry funds.

Who is Catherine Smith?

Catherine has had over 20 years’ experience in Taxation, business, SMSF’s, finance and property investment. Catherine is a member of FBAA, a Fellow of the NTAA and a member of PIPA. She also holds a Diploma of Financial Planning, Mortgage Broking and Finance, & Real Estate, a master’s Degree in Taxation and in Accounting. She is also a Certified Results and Master Results Coach. Most Importantly Catherine is passionate Property investor & Advisor.

The advice being provided will be general in nature and doesn’t take into consideration your specific financial situation.However if after attending the seminar you think a SMSF would be suitable for your circumstances, our team of experienced superfund administrations and financial planners are available for a more detailed discussion.

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