Exciting Life – Boring money” – Economic Update – what’s ahead for 2018 and CARE update

Exciting Life – Boring money” – Economic Update – what’s ahead for 2018 and CARE update

Please join us for our upcoming ‘Exciting Life, Boring Money’ economic update and investment seminar.

 It is with pleasure that we invite you to attend the Wholistic Financial Coaching Seminar to hear Emmanuel Calligeris, Chairman of the GPS Wealth CARE Investment Committee, present a perspective on the state of world growth and some of the economic consequences investors can expect will affect their investments in the near term. He will discuss asset valuations including shares, bonds and property.

This seminar is designed to help you understand how the CARE Investment Committee looks at financial markets to construct investment portfolios that aim to provide investors with income and capital growth over both the short, medium and long-term.


Do you want an investment fund that will

  • Teach you to make SMART investment decisions so you don’t mess it up?
  • Do you want industry experts who will look after your investment choices so you avoid bad investment behaviour?
  • Do you want to learn from history about how patience and time in the market favours the successful investor?
  • Do you want a fund that the Reserves portfolio or the “R” in CARE is the “risk management” part of the portfolio, where the CARE investment committee will set aside up to 4 years of reserves, which can massively help you in retirement?

Are you a person who is:

  • Committed to achieving financial success?
  • Believe that there are no such things as “get rich quick schemes”
  • Want to learn about tax-efficient investing?
  • Want to learn about growing enough wealth to preserve it and pass your remaining assets onto the next generation?

If you have answered YES to all or some of the above come along and find out more about how the CARE Investment Fund has performed over the last 6 months

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