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Estate Planning & Wills

Wholistic Financial Solutions is now able to offer full Estate Planning Services including Estate Planning, Tax Advice for Estates, Will drafting, setting up and running Testamentary Trusts and Death Benefit planning advice.

 In our opinion, a Will is best drafted with Taxation Planning in mind.  Thus it makes sense for you to see us to discuss your Estate needs.

It is my firm opinion that anyone who has children (at whatever ages) should ensure that their will contains a Testamentary Trust.  Establishing testamentary trusts in your Will provides your beneficiaries with a large degree of flexibility in dealing with their inheritance.

Further, in many cases these trusts will provide significant protection for a family’s wealth.

The benefits of Testementary Trusts are explained in more detail on our Fact Sheet below.

However in summary;

*        They provide major tax advantages which can be used to grow the family wealth by taxing all income at adult rates even if distributed to minor beneficiaries

*        They provide Capital Gains tax concessions allowing assets to be transferred to the trust without CGT

*        They provide major Asset protection benefits

I believe the tax concessions alone are enough to make Testamentary Trust an invaluable strategy however the Asset Protection benefits can be even more attractive.  Let’s face it, and to be blunt – you don’t know when you are going to die!  How would you feel if everything you have ever worked for passes not to your children but to a greedy recently ex-partner or creditors if your child is in financial difficulty.  Testamentary Trusts protect against this by retaining your hard worked money in a Trust that can’t be touched by anyone else other than whom you so wish.

The price of a will with a Testamentary Trust is $1,100*.  A small price to pay for peace of mind and for major tax benefits for your family for generations to come.

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*        This price is for a relatively straight forward will with TT.  Any change to this price will be notified before proceeding.

 The wills are drafted by a professional legal team. 

FACTS SHEET FOR YOUR INFORMATION (Catherine to provide the most update to date information)

Why use Testamentary Trusts
Fact Sheet – Family Trusts

Fact Sheet – SMSF’s
Fact Sheet – Vulnerable Beneficiaries


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